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Larry Hulst - "Accidental" Rock Photographer. Concert Pix Of Hendrix, Clapton, Harrison, Zeppelin, Others. Has Traveling Museum Exhibition. 33 Years As Military Photographer!

Episode Notes

Larry Hulst is the “Accidental” Rock Photographer. After returning from Vietnam in 1969 he started attending rock concerts in San Francisco as a fan and began photographing artists in performance. He spent 18 years selling his photos in front of Tower Records in Sacramento, CA. He’s photographed a Who’s Who of rock stars including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Led Zeppelin. His works have been featured in album covers and reissues. 75 of Larry’s photos currently are part of a traveling museum exhibition that has been featured in 45 museums. And he spent 33 years as a military photographer!

My featured song is my reimagined live version of “I’m So Glad” from my new album “IT’S ALIVE!”. Spotify link.


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Larry and Robert talk about the following:
- His tour in Vietnam
- Photographing at the Fillmore in S.F. in 1969
- Selling his photos in front of Tower Records for 18 years
- His work on album covers and reissues for Zeppelin, AC/DC, Springsteen
- Meeting Robert Plant
- Museum exhibition tour
- Meeting George Harrison
- 33 year military photography career


“IT’S ALIVE!” is Robert’s new Project Grand Slam album. Featuring 13 of the band’s Greatest Hits performed “live” at SteelStacks in Pennsylvania and The Nisville Jazz Festival in Serbia.


"An instant classic!" (Melody Maker)
"Amazing record...Another win for the one and only Robert Miller!" (Hollywood Digest)
"Close to perfect!" (Pop Icon)
"A Masterpiece!" (Big Celebrity Buzz)
"Sterling effort!" (Indie Pulse)
"Another fusion wonder for Project Grand Slam!" (MobYorkCity)

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